Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Secure your Wireless connection

Most of today workplaces, home, etc have a wifi, which through has its pros but cons are not to left behind. With these simple tips you be well on your way to better secure wifi network.
  • You should encrypt your wireless transmissions, but WEP is definately not the way to go. WPA>(Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption has been out for at least a couple of years and all new laptops and wireless access points support it now. It is much more secure than>WEP (64 or 128). WPA2 has also been available for a while and as of March 13 2006 WPA2 certification is mandatory for>all new devices wishing to be Wi-Fi certified.

  • Instead of turning off DHCP, restrict the number of DHCPconnections to the specific number of hardware devices. Ifyou're already filtering for MAC addresses no one else isgoing to grab a free IP address if a laptop is not connectedto network .Then when on the road and at home, the user can connectwithout having to change network settings.

  • Additional security: while this isn't really security, ithelps take your network out of the limelight of routineguessing. Default IP address ranges are typically192.168.x.x.Make yours even more unique by making it in the 10. range orthe 172. range. This is more likely to be something theaverage person, that thinks they can hit your router, won'tthink about, or even know about.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft has a website for Microsoft Office that has lots of (free) templates available for all sorts of situations (cover letters, legal documents, holiday cards, etc). It also has images you can download. It provides training on all Office products. There are two ways you can access the site. Within any Office product, you can click on Help and then click on Office on the Web. Or, through your browser go to: Go to the site and look around, it has a lot to offer.

Due process of law on Thin Ice

Pick out any newspaper publish in India and you will find instances of vigilante justice being handed out by people. This new type of behaviour has risen to such an extent that even the Chief Justice of India has remarked that peoples faith in the Indian courts has gone down due to SLOW PROCESS OF LAW
People on the street have taken on themselves to be the new Robinhoods of society. This has already and will eventualy if not stop now led to Rule of the MAN rather than LAW.
Recent cases will come to light the tv sting (Teacher involved in Human Trafficking ) in Delhi wich led to riot, etc.

Crimes commited by sane people, do have their side of the story, a person my be guilty of crime but what drive him to do such a thing greed,necessity, etc. The reasons can be many that is why in the light of Natural Justice his story is to be heard by the Judge.
Many people involved in handing out vigilante justice are making mockery of the Due process of law.
The foreseeable solution is the Pyramid Effect, to start at the top and the rest will follow, frist ones are Politicians, Senior Police officials who do not take action, Judges who for no reason dely the hearing.
One can see the writing on the wall, where it takes more than 10 years for (Uphaar film hall) case to move into Frist appeal from trial court, and other countless trials which are still pending. one doesent need to be Einstine to fig it out that criminal punishment is insufficient or nonexistent to the crime commited.