Monday, October 22, 2007

Tech Ecosystem

Last week I had a query from my friend who was looking to buy new plasma TV, but we he hooked it up to his old DVD player the promise of HDMI quality picture was missing. I had a look and found out his 9months old DVD player doesn’t support HDMI output. I guess déjà vu must be coming to you, cause how many times we have brought home Electronic product only to find out it either won’t run or is not backward compatible. Just a month back I had brought Pioneer car audio Bluetooth player where you can through A2DP transfer music from your mobile, laptop and play through car speakers BUT my mobile doest have A2DP profile.

Manufactures through try to make their products backward compatible but still it doesn’t work always.
Cause electronic products today have a ecosystem in which they are made and tested, and will be out of place in older generation, and you purchasing a TV might end up changing everything in your living room except the furniture.
Solution to this problem is god planning
Take account of the your needs

  1. What you currently have?

  2. How much are you willing to spend?

  3. How long do you intend to keep it?

Answer to these questions will help you to find your very own Tech Ecosystem.

India is growing as a big market for FMCG goods where product gets launched simultaneously here as its international release, This may be good for one part, but other part says If the technology comes late then it has been tried and tested in other markets where we save ourselves to be the guinea pigs .
An example will be the ram which is used in computers , their was SDRAM then came RDRAM which was not launched here ,and it was rejected due to its higher price and making and new form of DDR RAM was launched which is the new standard .